Invitation to Authors

Welding technologists, scientists and professionals who are interested in presenting their original work and experience as technical papers in the Seminar are requested to send their abstract(s) of the paper(s), in any one of the suggested theme topics.

A large number of awards will be given to the papers adjudged as the best in their category. These awards will be presented in the NWS 2021 inaugural ceremony.

Topics to be discussed

  • Advanced Welding and Cutting Processes Welding Consumables and Procedures for Conventional and Emerging Materials.
  • Additive Manufacturing and Smart Fabrication Technologies.
  • Advances in Welding Fabrication Techniques and Productivity Design and Manufacturing of Welded Components.
  • Welding Design, Fabrication, Automation and Simulations
  • Micro and Nano Joining Processes.
  • Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IOT), its application and benefits to Welding & Manufacturing Industry.
  • Skill Development, training and education in Welding.

Guidelines for Submission of Abstracts & Full papers

The abstract should be in British English and should be between 100 and 250 words. The abstract should be typed using Times New Roman font on A4 size paper leaving aside 25 mm margin on the left and 20 mm margin on all other sides. Please do not use headers or footers. The abstract shall highlight the aim of the work, procedures adopted for the study, and salient features of the results and conclusions. The names, complete postal address, e-mail address and telephone numbers of the authors should be typed below the title in the abstract.

The abstracts should be sent by email to the technical committee at by 31st October 2019.

The abstracts will be scrutinized by a panel of experts in the field and the authors would be informed regarding the acceptance by 30th July 2019 for submission of the full paper. The authors presenting the paper would have to register as delegates in the Seminar.

The full paper should contain the title of the paper, the authors and their affiliation, the E-mail Address of the corresponding author, a short abstract, the main contents of the paper, preliminary results and references. The full paper should be submitted as a Word file, formatted in DIN A4 (2 column, 8,6 cm column width). The full paper must be written in British English.

The text should be typed in Times New Roman font on A4 sheets, two column format, margins 32 mm above, 35 mm below, 18 mm inside (left on all odd pages) and 10 mm outside (right on all even pages). The distance between the columns should be 10 mm. Number equations consecutively with equation numbers in parentheses (1) flush with the right margin. Citations should be numbered consecutively in square brackets [1]. The sentence punctuation follows the brackets [2]. Multiple references [2], [3] are each numbered with separate brackets.

Please do not number the pages and do not use headers or footers.

Important deadlines for abstract and full paper:
  • Submission of Abstract: 15th November 2019
  • Acceptance of Abstract: 30th November 2019
  • Submission of Full text: 31st December 2019